Welcome to Baehr & Fess

We are a leading provider of residual value information, analytical data products, software solutions and consultation to the automotive industry and financial institutions of Europe,  North America and China.

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We are one of the leading providers of residual value forecasts, portfolio analysis and risk management consulting in Europe.

BF Forecasts provides their service since 1998 for all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in 12 European countries.

Automotive industry knowledge, combined with macroeconomical research makes our work valuable to car manufacturers, the leasing and financing industry as well as fleet owners all over Europe.

The core business of BF Forecasts lies in providing:

  • Residual value forecasts
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Historical analysis
  • Risk management consulting

Our company principles:

  • Implementation of all factors which are relevant for the forecast procedure
  • Complete transparency of the forecast procedure
  • No political residual value forecasting
  • Public comments on cars are always positive statements
  • In-house analysis on used car values and used car market
  • Implementation of specialised providers for macroeconomical services